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Week 2

Well hello there weekly weigh-in! So…I was right. I haven’t lost a single pound this week. Bright side - I haven’t GAINED a single pound this week either! Unfortunately, I fear this trend may continue since I injured the other side of my rib cage on Sunday night…during a coughing fit. Yes that’s right, a coughing fit. I don’t even have a cool story to tell, just that I coughed  so violently that I possibly, momentarily dislocated a rib. Yup, there was a pop and movement and things were just bad that evening. But I’m alive! And I do believe my ribs are where they’re supposed to be…I think.

Another bright side  I found out that because I’m a student at a certain university, I’m allowed to use the community college fitness center for free! I promptly signed up for this benefit, so as soon as I can move without tears – I’ll be there!

So yeah…this post is pretty short because not much has happened, due to crippling injury. Hopefully I’ll have more to tell you in the days to come!


Week 1

So today was…interesting…I guess you could say.  Somehow I have injured myself in the sternum area…yippee by the way…so I have been in lots of pain the past two days, which resulted in me spending today in bed, barely moving, and lots of Ghost Adventures and Doctor Who.  I actually hurt bad enough that I did not get up to eat…at all. So yeah, I’ve only eaten once today and can I just say that this actually ISN’T part of my master plan for 2013.

Regardless of a day spent in bed, I will still be calling today Week 1, Day 1…thus I will have to give my starting weight – which is super embarrassing on so many levels.  But I need to learn to be ok with myself, to be ok with the mistakes that I’ve made, the ones that have led me to this point. Mistakes like being stuck in bed all day and only eating once…facepalm.

So…here’s to the beginning…

Week 1 weight:  269

(You know…while this weight isn’t pretty…it’s still 23 pounds down from where I started in May 2012. I’ll take what I can get. )