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Bashful Blogger

Uhm…hi there…remember me? Yeah, I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t, it has been a long time. Lots of things have happened since January 8th, like school starting.

I’m taking three classes this semester – two night and one online – and two of them are “reading” classes.  For one of my classes we’re reading four books, plus additional audio books and PDF books that the professor provides, and doing some heavy duty essay questions each week; for another class I have to read a book each week, yes a whole book, and top that off with a major quiz after each book; and for my last class…oh God, all I’m going to say is that grammar is evil and clearly the devil’s magic…with weekly quizzes.

So basically I spend my weeks attempting to time everything so that I don’t forget anything for quizzes, essays, etc. And then I go watch three five year olds for 3 hours everyday…I’m kind of tired.

However! My ribs finally healed and I’ve already been to the gym once this week…of course that will probably be it until I can reorganize my schedule starting next week…but I made it!  So this is all really about organization and baby steps…and I’ve already lost 2 pounds and I anticipate losing a lot more.