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Pain – [peyn], noun: physical suffering or distress, as due to injury, illness, etc. (

Yup…I’d say that description pretty much sums up my week. We’ve decided that what I’ve somehow managed to accomplish is a sprain or muscle tear just under my boobs (ha – I said boobs) around my ribs. Oh please, pretty please, allow me to tell you how incredibly fun this is for me! For every move, every breath, every cough, laugh, whatever the hell I’m doing…I feel immense pain. Sleeping has been horrible, I am not able to lay on my back or stomach (shoot me now), so I have to spend my nights painfully flipping from side to side, which results in much frustration.

This week I spent three days working almost 10 hours a day, something I haven’t done since I left my “real adult job” back  in May 2012; this was an incredibly rude awakening for my body – my poor, pain filled body. But by God I did it; I was there every morning, I wasn’t late, and I wrangled two 5 year olds all day. Needless to say that I was tired last night…and I’m very thankful for the man who let me sleep in until 10 am this morning. (Thank you baby!)

Basically I’m making you feel sorry for me to inform both you and myself that there probably won’t be any change in my weight this week, or at all until this stupid chest thing is healed and I can move and breathe again. And I’m ok with this, I need to be. Things are not going to magically happen…I have to make them happen, and in order to do that I have to be healthy. I will deal with this set back and then move forward. Rinse and repeat.