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July, 2019:

::Taps microphone:: Anybody there?

What’s this? All previous posts are gone and a new one is put in their place? What year is it…what have I missed…who is that sleeping toddler in the other room?

So many questions!

It is I, digibutter, the absentee-wannabe-blogger who abandoned this poor page some 9-10 years ago. But after a fight with the login page – what the hell was that password again? – and tracking down a reset email – I set up a digibutter e-mail? Dude, how pretentious can I get. Jesus. – I’M BACK! Things will be a little different around here, hopefully a new look and some actual content, which means…please be patient with me, I AM WORKING ON IT. I PROMISE. ALSO, I DISCOVERED CAPS LOCK OVER THE PAST 10 YEARS. YAY YOU!

So buckle up everyone, find your emergency exits, gather your weed gummies (who knows, that may be the only way I’m humorous to you), and let’s do this shit. (OH! I also lost my cursing filter…let’s have some fucking fun you guys!)